Bonnie Suggs

Bonnie Suggs

Certified Health Coach

Hi, My name is Bonnie and I am 56. I took a health coach course because I wanted to boost my mental mind set in managing a life long health condition. How I live my life – greatly effects – How I live my life! This is important for everyone!


Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

Through proper management of your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and attitude you have the keys of living a happier life, despite any economic or social bracket you may find yourself in. While taking this course, my teachers & fellow students were so “fired up” and intelligent about truly living healthy already. I felt a quest -not to only be healthier mentally and physically for myself, but to help others with their goals. It is a daunting quest for many – whether they are young and feel isolated in their weight; middle aged and have become alone and perhaps stagnant or elderly and simply not moving enough. I want to meet people where they are, listen to their health goals and uniquely assist each client in reaching their goals. I am far from perfect. I know the road- it is not easy. Are you ready to discover your best self? It is always the best time to start feeling healthier!. And by the way, I love the outdoors! Bonnie